Notwithstanding the current stand-off in Congress, efforts are still underway in the US Senate to appropriate additional funds for the critical Paycheck Protection Program. As we reported last week, the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) was asking all franchisees to contact Congress to urge the appropriation of additional funds for this program. This week, that call was echoed by Alfredo Ortiz of the Job Creators Network and is even more urgent with those relief program funds now exhausted. Although the Senate adjourned yesterday without any resolve to the need for more funding in the PPP, we would implore you nonetheless to please contact your Senators urge them to appropriate additional funds to the PPP. We would also ask that you encourage these additional amendments to the PPP program: 1) increase those franchisees eligible for PPP loans; 2) Expand the calculation and components to determine the amount of PPP loans; 3) Provide flexibility in determining the loan coverage period; 4) Expand the criteria for full loan forgiveness; and 5) Increase non-payroll uses of PPP loans. Click here to send a pre-drafted, editable letter to your senators and representative asking for additional funding and for the law to be amended as referenced above during this critical time for your businesses. Your efforts in this regard help us to help you, so please respond. Thank you again!