Yes, if fact in Massachusetts, they’re calling it the Grand Bargain and aside from a permanent sales tax holiday for one weekend every August, it also includes an increase in the current $11 per hour minimum wage to $15 an hour and paid sick and family leave. The legislature on Wednesday put all three on the Governor’s desk in one bill rather than allow 2 of the questions to go before the voters on the November ballot. Business interests were pushing ballot questions to lower the sales tax rate and codify a permanent annual sales tax holiday, while Raise Up Massachusetts had a minimum wage hike petition in the works. Under the terms of the compromise bill, the minimum wage will increase from the $11 minimum in place today to $15 an hour over the next five years, while the current state requirement of time-and-a-half pay for all work on Sunday will be phased out over the same time frame. The sales tax remains the same at 6.25%. Furthermore, the “bargain” includes 12 weeks of paid sick leave as well as 20 weeks of paid family medical leave, with the benefit paid by employer contributions (only businesses with at least 25 employees will be required to pay into the fund) to a new Family and Employment Security Trust Fund.  Republican governor Charlie Baker called the agreement “good news” and is expected to sign it into law within 10 days.