One of the complaints about Styrofoam is that it doesn’t break down quickly enough from an environmental standpoint, and the same could be said about efforts to ban its use across the country.  We haven’t had to talk much about municipal bans on single-use polystyrene containers over the past few months, but don’t think the issue has been decomposing. Yesterday, a Styrofoam ban in the city of the Cambridge, MA took effect with the home of Harvard University joining other Massachusetts communities that have already imposed the restrictions.  Tuesday evening, town meeting members in the Cape Cod town of Dennis joined the parade as well, voting unanimously to ban foam containers and plastic bags. A ban in Miami Beach went into effect a few weeks back and more than 15 small businesses have already been hit with $50 fines for using foam containers.  Miami Beach, which first imposed restrictions on the foam only on its beaches, claims to be the first Florida community to impose an outright ban.  This past Tuesday up in South Carolina, the city of Folly Beach unanimously adopted a ban on all polystyrene containers for food or drink that will take effect on January 1, but that ban too applies only to its beaches – at least for the time being!