Last week, our lead story in Small Regular No Sugar! was the firing of National Labor Relations General Counsel Peter Robb. In his place, deputy general counsel, Alice Stock, ascended to the position of Acting General Counsel until a replacement was to be named. Her tenure was quite short however, as Biden turned around and fired Stock one day later. He also wasted no time in putting his own choice in the Acting General Counsel slot, naming Chicago office Regional Director Peter Sung Ohr to the post early this week. The acting general counsel may only serve in that capacity for a maximum of 40 days unless the President formally nominates him to the General Counsel post subject to US Senate confirmation.  If you’re wondering what type of view the new acting general counsel takes on labor issues, know that it was he who decided in 2014 that student athletes with football scholarships at Northwestern University were employees and therefore had the legal right to organize as a union! Notwithstanding his appointment as acting general counsel, speculation is that Biden will nominate Jennifer Abruzzo, who was the deputy general counsel under Obama and now works for the Communication Workers of America union.