Especially over the past several years, a majority of decisions made by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) were very much labor friendly, as the Obama NLRB dramatically expanded the reach of union organizers and the restrictions on non-union business.  One particular area of expansion results directly from the Board’s Columbia decision (rendered last August), in which it declared graduate students and resident advisors “employees” and hence, union-eligible. Just this month, the NLRB has authorized union elections at Vanderbilt University, Washington University, Tufts University and the University of Chicago and ordered other elections at George Washington University and a re-do at Harvard! But, that direction is changing, evidenced by a 2-1 Board decision last Friday against the ruling of the agency’s General Counsel about video monitoring at an Alabama Mercedes Benz. On top of the (currently) democrat-majority Board siding against its own Counsel, word has it that an announcement of two new Republican nominees may be imminent. Speculation is that President Trump will soon nominate Attorneys William Emanuel (with the Los Angeles office of Littler Mendelsohn) and Marvin Kaplan, OSHA counsel and former Bush administration official, for the open NLRB seats, cementing republican control for the next several years.