New Look: Tim Hortons, the Canadian restaurant chain, has 22 locations in the market including two prototype stores. The new stores feature a “mom and pop” bakery look. Photo courtesy Tim Hortons

A quick-service restaurant institution from Canada has targeted the Dayton region to test its new concept stores.

Tim Hortons, one of the largest restaurant chains in North America, has recently renovated two of its Dayton-area restaurants with a new format and now seeks to gauge the results.

Depending on the success of these two stores, the company will make adjustments and then roll the concept out to at least 10 more locations in the U.S. this year.

The two stores, one in Troy and another in Bellefontaine, got upgraded chairs, digital menu boards, fireplaces, and an open concept that allows for more interaction between the customers and employees making doughnuts and coffee.

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