While we’re on the subject of voting, employers must be aware of their requirements in some states to not only allow their workers time off to go and vote, but to pay them for that time as well. We found this article with the enclosed map particularly helpful in identifying the states where employees are entitled to paid time off to vote (23 in total) as well as those where employees must be given time off without pay to vote (7 in total – Massachusetts, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin and North Dakota). There may be more specific requirements in some states that govern how and when employees may take time off to vote and you may want to check with the appropriate agency for more information. As an example, here is an legal article explaining the parameters of the Wisconsin law as to how and when voting time off may be taken. The remaining 20 states do not require an employer to concern themselves with their workers voting or not – it is the employee’s responsibility – What a novel idea!