Proponents of Initiative 82 in the District of Columbia have submitted 34,000 voter signatures – over 8,000 more than required – to place the ballot initiative on the June primary ballot eliminating the tipped wage in the Nation’s Capital and forcing employers to pay the full DC minimum wage beginning in 2027. Currently, the minimum wage, which increases annually in the District of Columbia, is $15.20 per hour but going to $16.10 an hour on July 1. There’s somewhat of an interesting history to this issue in that a similar ballot initiative (Initiative 77) was passed by voters in 2018 by a 56-44% margin. In the face of vehement opposition by tipped workers throughout the district, the ordinance was subsequently repealed by the DC Council on a vote of 8-5. Notwithstanding that tipped workers in Washington DC still overwhelmingly oppose the initiative, One Fair Wage, the political advocacy arm of the Restaurant Opportunity Center (ROC) is pushing to force it on them again in the coming June election.