It seems there are some out there who refuse to acknowledge that the tip credit and the minimum wage can and should be allowed to peacefully co-exist. As a case in point, in the wake of President Biden’s Executive Order raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour, DOL issued a proposed rule that would not only raise the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 in January, but it would also eliminate the tipped minimum wage by 2024 for contractors whose employees earn tips. Biden had spoken more to the issue during the Presidents CNN Town Hall last month when in response to an Ohio restaurant owner’s question about his struggle to hire staff, the President said they aren’t paying workers enough and that they need to pay $15 an hour “with tips on top.” In New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu last week signed a bill into law that decouples the state tipped wage from the federal minimum wage. The result provides a set base wage for tipped employees equal to $3.27 and terminates the former provision that set the state tipped wage at 45% of the federal minimum wage. Senate Bill 317, which had the support of the wait staff and bartenders in the Granite State, severs the link between the state tipped wage and the federal minimum so that if the federal minimum wage is increased, the base wage for tipped employees in New Hampshire will not be directly affected.