Well, as we again flip the calendar, it’s important to note what laws may change on the first of any month. As we advised you in past issues, new provisions in the Connecticut equal pay act become effective today (on October 1, 2021) that prohibit pay differences between the sexes for comparable work (rather than the historical equal work).  Further, it also requires employers to disclose to applicants and employees the “wage range” for the position they are applying for or occupy. Also effective October 1, are specific provisions regarding the accommodations a Connecticut employer must make for the benefit of an employee who may be breast-feeding or needs to express milk during the work day. The new provisions dictate that the room made available for such employee must be free from intrusion and shielded from the public, situated near a refrigerator or cold storage unit and includes access to an electrical outlet. And although many others have already moved forward on banning plastic bags for restaurants and other retail outlets, the city of Baltimore ban on plastic bags becomes effective today (October 1) as well. While single use plastic bags are prohibited, alternative single use paper bags will be available for 5 cents apiece with the city taking its 20 percent skim (1 cent) off the top!