As we pass the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic hitting the United States in earnest and the accompanying business lockdowns, mask mandates and social distance dictates, many elected officials are moving to get back to normal. Atop the list seems to be Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an Executive Order this past Tuesday rescinding all prior orders to close businesses and requiring the wearing of face coverings effective March 10. Abbott couched his decision in the context of the medical advancements that have been made over the past year, the increasing availability of vaccines and the need to get local and state economies on the move again. Shortly thereafter, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves followed suit with a more immediate lifting of all coronavirus shutdowns, mandates, and capacity limits effective this past Wednesday, March 3! Other governors are moving in the same direction, but taking it more slowly. Elsewhere, cities and states that have been severely stringent in the coronavirus mandates have begun to gradually loosen the strangle holds they’ve had on businesses. Within the past month, New York and California have both allowed restaurants to reopen – for outdoor and limited indoor service, while Massachusetts has removed all capacity limits and Arkansas has rolled back most COVID restrictions with an eye on complete reopening on April 1. At the municipal level, San Francisco announced it would allow 25% indoor dining while Chicago upped its capacity limit to 50%. New York City has extended restaurant open hours to 11 PM, but only raised the capacity limit to 35 percent.