Speaking of unions and their efforts, a few weeks ago, the AFL-CIO released a report written by the “AFL-CIO Commission on the Future of Work and Unions”, in which the labor organization proclaimed a goal of “shorter work days and workweeks with no reduction in pay for workers”. The report went on to portray the goal in its most positive light as a way to “redistribute work hours to those who need them.” Some unions in the health care and construction industries are already bargaining for shorter weeks, and the trial balloons have been floated that a 32 hour workweek should become the new normal – without any diminution in pay, of course. And, elsewhere in the world of organized labor, a California based union, the National Union of Health Care Workers came out with its endorsement in the campaign for the democratic nomination for president of the United States supporting both Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Just a week before Sanders suffered chest pains and had two stents implanted, the California-based union couldn’t choose between the two. Union president Sal Rosselli reported that “after reviewing the vote totals, our executive board felt that an endorsement of both candidates was most fair due to the closeness of the vote.” Participation trophies all around!!!