We advised you a couple of weeks ago that Congressman Keith Ericson (D-MN) had filed two bills beneficial to franchise owners in the Fair Franchise Act of 2015 (H.3196) and the Small Business Franchise Loan Transparency Act (H.3195).  Now, it is incumbent upon us all to urge our own representatives in Congress to sign on to these important bills as co-sponsors.  The Fair Franchise Act would prevent misleading or false information in the franchise agreement, prohibit mandatory arbitration provisions and provide franchisees with the right to discuss their experiences with the franchisor and affirm their right to join an independent franchisee association.  The Small Business Franchise Loan Transparency Act would mandate that any franchise business obtaining an SBA-guaranteed loan receive average unit revenues and failure rates from the franchisor for the previous five years in their FDD.  The Coalition of Franchisee Associations issued an Action Alert asking franchisees to contact their representatives and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 3195 and 3196!