I would submit one probably wasn’t too surprised by Seattle, Philadelphia and a host of California cities adopting additional taxes on sugary beverages, so-called soda taxes, but Utah?? Well, it seems that the soda tax proposal is part of an array of Tax Reform Proposals being entertained by the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force and it comes about in a proposal to restore the full 4.85% sales tax on the sale of soda and candy only, leaving the existing food sales tax of 1.75% on all other food items. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne has also proposed a significant change in the state’s tax structure with her proposal to replace the current Utah income tax rate of 4.95% with a progressive rate structure that would raise taxes on incomes of more than $250,000 to as high as 5.5% – essentially, a ‘millionaire’s tax” on $250,000! The Task Force, charged with restructuring and shoring up the state’s shrinking sales tax base, held a public hearing on their proposals this past Tuesday and will debate final changes to their proposed legislation at their next meeting on November 7, 2019.