Speaking of the egregious joint-employer ruling, two more states have enacted laws that strictly prohibit the application of the NLRB joint-employer definition within their boundaries.  Utah Governor Gary Herbert is expected to sign H.116, which specifies that no franchisee or employee of a franchisee shall be considered an employee of the franchisor for any purpose in the state of Utah.  The bill was sent to the Governor this week for his signature.  Similarly, the Wisconsin legislature finished work on joint employer restrictions last month and sent it to the Governor.  This week, Governor Scott Walker signed S.422 into law on March 2.  S.422 clarifies that a franchisor is not the employer of a franchisee’s employee for purposes of unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, fair employment law and state wage and hour laws unless the franchisor has agreed to the role in writing or exercised special control not generally exercised by franchisors.