Virginia may be for lovers as the bumper stickers say, but it also got a lot better for those with criminal records last week as the Governor issued a so-called ban the box Executive Order governing all state employment applications.  Governor Terry McAuliffe signed Executive Order 41 on April 3 and it became effective immediately upon his signing.  “Ban the box” prohibits employment applications from asking whether the applicant has a criminal record.  Although it does not apply to private employers, the order encourages that private employers use “similar hiring practices”.  Aside from “banning the box”, Governor McAuliffe also signed social media privacy legislation (HB 2081) into law.  Becoming effective on July 1 of this year, the statute now provides that employers may not require that an employee disclose their username or password on their social media accounts, nor can they require the employee to add any other employee, supervisor or administrator to their list of contacts on a social media account.  Virginia is now the 19th state in the country that has some sort of social media privacy law on the books.