Every year since we launched Small Regular No Sugar! over a decade ago, we’ve closed the first issue in November with a plea for our subscribers to be sure to exercise their civic responsibility and vote in the general election. It always seemed to be a good patriotic paragraph with which to close the issue. This year, we believe it necessary to lead off with the “get out and vote” plea – the stakes are too high! With inflation still running at a 40-year high, energy costs skyrocketing with more historic highs in heating fuel costs looming, crime soaring in many cities, meteoric increases in interest rates and nuclear saber-rattling in the distance, the 2022 general election – the so-called midterm election – is important enough to lead off this issue. So, here it is: Be sure to make the time and the effort to exercise your civic duty this election year. Get out and vote in this election – both houses of Congress, many state governorships and the future direction of our country hang in the balance. So too, may your business! VOTE!