Provisions in the ballot questions of two of the aforementioned states also mandate that private employers provide paid leave to employees under certain circumstances. Washington’s Initiative 433 (I-433) provides that beginning in 2018, employees will earn one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked.  Proposition 206 in Arizona, which passed by a margin of 59 – 41%, requires all covered employers, regardless of the number of workers they may employ, to provide those employees with paid sick leave beginning in July 2017.  Employees will accrue paid leave at the rate of one hour earned for every 30 hours worked.  And, it wasn’t just the voters that were signing on to mandatory paid sick leave!  The Wake County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina on the eve of the 2016 election voted unanimously to begin offering paid parental leave for up to six weeks to all County employees while taking care of a newborn, legally adopted or newly fostering a child.   Wake County, which includes the city of Raleigh, is following the lead of Durham County, which last month began offering employees the benefit.  Likewise, Durham and Greensboro both offer six weeks of paid parental leave and Cary is entertaining a similar proposal.  We realize this benefit only accrues to county employees, but such benefits are often quickly mandated for private employers as well.