In the wake of public hearings being held last week up in Portland Maine, the Portland City Council voted to approve a ballot measure raising the minimum wage within Maine’s largest city and put it before the voters this November. The initiative would raise the current minimum waged of $13 per hour to $18 an hour by 2024 and eliminate the city’s tip credit, forcing restaurants to pay more directly to servers. Just two years ago, voters approved an increase in the city minimum wage to the current $13, reaching $15 per hour in 2024. The ballot measure is being championed by the Maine Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America over the objection of many current restaurant workers who are pleased with their compensation and fearful that the change would lead to them making far less in tips. Early this year, the city had in place an ill-advised provision mandating “hazard pay” during the existence of a public emergency that forced the minimum up to $19.50/hour. Just 12 days into that debacle, the city council repealed the hazard pay provision.