Pay levels for the average American worker have improved over the past year through June according to the Wall Street Journal.  The paper reported this week on the Employment-Cost Index, a regular report of the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that measures wages and salaries plus benefits. The Index for June 2018 was 2.8 percent higher than it was in June 2017, the strongest gain since September of 2008! This rise in compensation comes on the heels of reports last week of GDP growth over 4% for the second quarter, a growth rate the US economy has not seen in quite some time. Later today, BLS will release its monthly jobs report through July, partially answering whether the strong growth of the US economy is continuing or whether it last month’s exceptional growth may have been an anomaly. Earlier this week, the job-review website Glassdoor reported that wages also grew by a healthy 2.2% in July over 2017, with Philadelphia (2.7%) and San Francisco (2.6%) leading the nation. Los Angeles and Chicago (each at 2.6%) and Seattle (2.1%) rounded out the top 5 cities on wage growth.