Washington state lawmakers have passed legislation (S.5761) that will require employers to disclose the starting salary for open positions to all job applicants at the beginning of the process. For the past three years, the Evergreen State has mandated that employers provide applicants with the salary range and benefits, but only when a job offer has been made and requested by the applicant. Under the new legislation, those requirements would change to disclosing the hourly pay rate or salary as well as a general description of benefits and other compensation that could be offered in a job posting. As passed and sent to the Governor, S.5761 applies to employers with 15 or more workers and will be in effect for new positions as well as promotions and internal transfers within a company. An amendment to increase the employee threshold from the 15 to 50 employees failed in the Assembly. If signed into law, the new law will go into effect in January 2023.