Business owners may have dodged the bullet of a doubling of the overtime threshold at the federal level, but the issue is still rearing its ugly head at state agencies around the country. Perhaps the most recent – and egregious – example comes to us from the Pacific Northwest. The Department of Labor & Industries for the state of Washington has proposed that the level of compensation, below which all employees must be paid overtime, should be increased to $49,000 per year and subsequently tied to the state minimum wage. Under that scenario, the threshold would increase to $80,000 by the year 2026! Currently, the (state of) Washington overtime threshold is $13,000, although federal law requires overtime for wages less than $23,660 – soon to be raised to $35,308. Meanwhile, it just seems worth noting that just over a month ago, this same state of Washington passed and Governor Jay Inslee, a 2020 candidate for the democratic presidential nomination, signed into law, legislation banning the sale of conventionally produced eggs in the state of Washington after 2023!