Bringing the old adage to life, the city of Portland Maine is now wondering how to fix the minimum wage debacle they unleashed just one week earlier when the city council voted to enact an ill-advised and poorly written ordinance to create a minimum wage in excess of the state minimum.  Portland passed an ordinance without any enforcement mechanisms that establishes a municipal minimum wage of $10.10 (the state minimum is $7.50/hour) effective in January, but unwittingly also increased the tipped worker wage from the current $3.75 to $6.35/hour.  They’ve delayed a reconsideration vote until September 7.  Then-US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s admonition that “we have to pass the bill to find out what is in It away from the controversy” springs to mind, doesn’t it?  At the same time, the Portland Council also decided to send a citizen petition to the November ballot that will ask the voters to authorize a municipal minimum wage of $15/hour.  The petition, drafted and pushed by ballot activist group, Portlanders for a Living Wage, will also increase tipped worker minimum wages to $11.25 after the phase-in period and then tie the wage to inflation.