With its turnkey solutions, experience supporting franchises and grassroots approach, DDIFO Sponsor WDFA Marketing (WDFA) stands apart from the competition. No matter the size of your budget, WDFA can help you make the most of every marketing dollar. The firm’s products and services are designed to meet today’s challenges for immediate sales results and efficient, low-cost production.

 WDFA prides itself on fearless innovation, ethical responsibility and exceptional service all focused on maximizing your return on investment. Each and every campaign is designed for measurable impact. WDFA’s staff works to evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness and make adjustments to increase value and success. While the company happily offers traditional marketing services like direct mail and door-hangers, it also specializes in non-traditional tactics.

 “As far as our tactics go, the possibilities are endless. We start with acquiring the best data that is available on the target customer, and then work tirelessly until we find the best way to drive them to your door,” said WDFA Marketing Executive Vice President Jason Fordley. “Whether it’s traditional print media, direct-to-door, cultural marketing or more innovative guerrilla tactics we can handle it all. We find that on the franchise level, micro-targeting within the community is a reliable way to ensure that we’re staying where your customers are, so that we don’t waste any of your budget, but we’ve also done full zip code saturations.”

 Under the umbrella of micromarketing, WDFA’s guerilla marketing campaigns often involve street teams – called brand ambassadors – who connect directly with your customers in the neighborhood or at community events. WDFA retains only the most reliable and passionate people who are able to drive more customers to your shop and boost your bottom line.

 Here are just two examples of successful WDFA strategies:

Sending brand ambassadors to a community event (e.g. movies in the park, a local outdoor concert) with “jet packs” of complimentary coffee or Coolatas: As they entice a consumer with free beverage samples, they simultaneously offer a flyer or coupon designed to bring that person into your store. Depending how close the event is to your shop, the brand ambassadors can even use sidewalk chalk to visually lead customers to your doorstep.

Orchestrating “guerilla projections” for shops that are open at night: WDFA has two different types of special projectors to “broadcast” your signal, so to speak. A large projector shines still shots or actual movies on a nearby building or wall. Using hand-held projectors, about the size of a cell phone, WDFA brand ambassadors cast images on the ground, surrounding buildings, even parked cars. Again, once they’ve drawn consumer interest, they follow up with a targeted flyer or coupon that drives customers to you.

“Our non-traditional, attention-getting methods might seem unconventional, but they help to ensure that the tactics drive sales,” said Fordley. “For example, there are so many people handing out flyers on the street that people often try to avoid them. But the right location at the right time, with a little something extra—sidewalk chalk, mini-projections, or just a really fun personality—that changes the game. People actually want that flyer; they seek it out! And that’s what it’s all about for us—finding a way to maximize the effectiveness of a tactic. If our clients don’t feel the ‘WDFA effect’ in their bottom line, then we’re out of business.”

Another key element is WDFA’s quick turn-around on orders. For example, a flyer or coupon piece can move from conversation to design to delivery within just a few days. And, because of the volume of work WDFA does with its nationwide trusted vendors and suppliers, you’ll save on production costs. What’s more, if you own multiple shops and want to launch a concurrent campaign across all of them, this usually means more savings: The more stores involved, the lower the cost.

WDFA offers countless strategies, including utilizing social media and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to capture new customers and keep “regulars” coming back for more. Basically, whatever you want to accomplish in terms of promotion, WDFA has a way to get you there. Whether you want to follow a traditional route or are looking for unconventional tactics, WDFA can help tailor your marketing in ways that will most effectively reach customers and drive sales.

“We look forward to working with Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners as we feel that our arsenal of tactics and our collective drive to succeed can be a major asset,” Fordley said. “‘Partnership’ is a very important word to us, so we’ll do what it takes until our client thinks of us in terms of a strong, reliable partner that can be trusted to drive sales whenever it’s needed”.

For more information or to launch a campaign, contact Jason Fordley at 646-240-4880 or jasonf@wdfamarketing.com.

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