Notwithstanding strenuous opposition as we advised last week from Republican Senators, President Biden forged ahead and resubmitted the name of David Weil in nomination for the post of administrator at the DOL Wage and Hour Division. Weil, who served in the same capacity during the Obama administration, is one of a half-dozen Biden nominees for DOL leadership positions who’ve yet to clear senate confirmation hurdles. In addition to Weil, whose nomination will again be before the Senate Labor Committee (HELP) on January 12, Biden resubmitted the nominations of Assistant Secretaries for Congressional & Intergovernmental Affairs (Elizabeth Watson), Employment & Training (Jose Javier Rodriguez), Veterans Employment & Training (James Rodriquez), Employee Benefits (Lisa Gomez), and Mine Safety and Health (Chris Williamson). Additionally, the role of DOL Chief Financial Officer remains unfilled although no nomination is currently pending. File under “No News is Good News!”