DDIFO has been invited by a number franchise owners in a number of cities to come and meet franchise owners face to face.  I am visiting Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners around the country in an effort to learn more about your issues and concerns as well as share with you the vision and mission of DDIFO. The meetings have resulted in many franchise owners joining DDIFO.

DDIFO welcomes 100’s of new shops as members from the following states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, and Georgia.

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I have met with hundreds of franchise owners the past 18 months and I have witnessed for myself that the Brand’s constant mandates and continued onslaught from Loss Prevention, Compliance, Brand Channeling and Operations have worn you all down. 

These are extraordinary times, and there is a tremendous opportunity for franchise owners to organize and seize control of the agenda to ensure that you are able to harvest the equity for you and your family that you have worked so hard to earn.

Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners have over $8 billion dollars invested in real estate, equipment, shops, production (CMLs) and distribution (DCPs). Within the next few years Dunkin’ Brands will need to refinance $1.6 billion in notes from the market securitization of 2006. That means we will either have a new owner or a public offering with potentially another completely different management team.
DDIFO seeks your membership to make sure you face the future with an strong, united and independent voice that will protect and enhance your business interests as opposed to you facing it all, alone.
I will continue visiting many parts of the country in the next 60 days. Please invite me to meet you! Arrange a group of franchise owners near you and I will host the meeting.
Let us unite as franchise owners and work together to make sure your interests are well protected.
DDIFO is well positioned to make sure that the promise of today is fulfilled tomorrow!
If you are not already a DDIFO Member: Join DDIFO Today!
Let me share with you how “Together We Kin’ Do It”!