Somehow it seems appropriate that rock band The Eagles released that hit song in 1976, early in the first administration of California Governor Jerry Brown (1975 – 1983). Well, it must be déjà vu all over again as the same Governor Brown signed a couple of different bills recently that can significantly impact small businesses in the nation’s most populous state. We told you last week that he signed legislation mandating gender quotas on the Boards of publicly traded California companies. Well, this week we can confirm that the term-limited lame-duck Governor also signed into law a bill limiting the use by an employer of nondisclosure agreements related to sexual assault or any gender-based harassment/discrimination. In addition, he signed another bill mandating that employers with five or more employees provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to all supervisors and one hour of similar sexual harassment training to all non-supervisory personnel. And, he approved yet another that prohibits small businesses from grouping together and taking advantage of association health plans (AHPs) now allowed at the national level by a recent executive order signed by President Trump. California is the first state to prohibit AHPs at the state level.