SIBYes, you read that correctly, you may be paying more in wages come 2015, but thanks to your membership in DDIFO, you can save money as well!  DDIFO is very pleased to announce that we have reached agreement with SIB Fixed Cost Reduction (SIB) to bring you their unique money saving services.  SIB reviews your monthly bills, finds the savings by recovering refunds for billing errors and such, and negotiates better pricing plans for all of their clients, and now SIB will save you money too!  SIB has already successfully found savings for over 15,000 locations throughout the U.S.  They specialize in a broad array of expense categories such as telecom, waste removal, utilities, bank fees and maintenance contracts, among others.  You may be running your stores as efficiently as you can, and still paying more than you should.  We’re glad to bring you SIB to put a stop to that.  Visit and watch their brief introductory video to learn more about how you can stop overcharges and save money – I strongly urge you to jump on this program and let them know you’re with DDIFO.