Oakland joined California neighbors, San Francisco and Los Angeles this week, when it gave final approval to a Right to Recall ordinance that gives laid off employees in the restaurant and hospitality industries the specific right to get their job back when their employers reopen. The local mandates, which also apply to the airline, event and tourism industries, are painted as efforts to protect older workers in many lower-wage jobs while the hospitality, travel and restaurant industries prepare to re-open further in the Golden State. Right to recall and Worker Recall laws with basically the same requirements were adopted earlier this spring in both San Francisco (passed in June) and Los Angeles (adopted in April and signed in May). San Francisco followed up its recall ordinance with a different mandate that will place significant new obligations on most of the City’s hotels and office buildings. The “Healthy Buildings Ordinance”, passed at the beginning of this month, requires hotels (6 or more rooms) and large buildings (50,000 sf or more) to clean and disinfect multiple times per day. Additionally, the law mandates that logs of every cleaning cycle be kept and that employees be provided with protective gear. It also includes an employee training requirement as well as the obligatory prohibition on retaliation against employees for refusing to do work they believe unsafe. This week, the hotel and commercial business owners responded with a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court challenging the validity of the Healthy Buildings Ordinance.