As long expected, Tim Hortons Canada franchisee problems with the Burger King (RBI) franchisor have finally boiled up – with store support and supply chain problems at the fore. The franchise owners have set up an association for the first time ever and hired Canada’s leading franchisee-focused legal firm to begin corrective negotiations. All of the members of the advisory board resigned in favor of the new association. I suppose many longer term franchise owners can consider this something of a refresher course, but it is always important for all franchise owners to understand the uncertainty that surfaces when a brand is sold – a new focus, new ideas, new outlook, new goals, new direction, etc . . . DDIFO Restaurant Analyst John Gordon provided this information on the new reality for Tim’s franchisees. John will be presenting this coming week at the Northeast Regional Member Meeting in Framingham, Massachusetts. You should be sure to attend, or at least have one of your key staff people there to take it all in for you!!