Santa Clara County has passed a new law that deems it illegal to have free toys in Happy Meals. While some people feel that this is an important law to reduce childhood obesity, others are just downright angry.

Here are the two sides of the argument.

Against: At the hearing, franchise owners pleaded that more “government regulations” are not necessary. Additionally, some Santa Clara residents feel it is shameful to put a ban on the Happy Meals and the toys inside. Parents should be allowed to choose what their kids eat and little children should not be deprived of toys. Others say that there are healthy choices in the meals such as salads, apple slices and low fat milk. According to, overall, “87% of county residents opposed the bill. ”

Supporters point out “one in four children in the county are overweight or obese.” Indeed, it is no secret that many children in America are overweight. Ken Yeager, the bill’s sponsor says, “Breaking the link between unhealthy food and prizes” is important. In other words, people feel that children are lured into eating the fast food due to the prize they receive after eating it. After all, McDonalds is associated with fun and happy times for kids.

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