With the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) seemingly pulling out all the stops to punish business and ‘win’ unionization at every turn, the President added the prestige of the White House to that effort with a pro-union meeting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. President Biden made it clear during his campaign that he would be the most union-friendly President in history, but he also promised to represent all Americans as President. Well, I suppose one out of two isn’t bad? In fact, earlier this month Biden welcomed a number of union organizers to the Oval Office. The group, which had been meeting with Vice President Kamal Harris and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, included Laura Garza, one of the Starbucks employees from Workers United which is organizing Starbucks stores around the country. In response, to the one-sided discussion, Al Jones II , Starbucks SVP for Global Communications and Public Affairs wrote a letter to Steve Ricchetti, counsel to the President, urging the White House to host a similar meeting with Starbucks workers opposed to unionizing. When the phone don’t ring, we’ll know it’s the White House!