William Kussell

William Kussell

The Boston Herald reports that tunkin’ Donuts will depart by the end of the year, the Canton-based company announced today.

William Kussell said that, after a 15-year career with the coffee-and-doughnuts chain, “it is now time for me to pursue my goal of leading a business.”

Nigel Travis, the CEO of parent company Dunkin’ Brands Inc., will take over Kussell’s role.

In a statement, Travis said Kussell “played a pivotal role” in transforming Dunkin’ from a mostly regional brand with 3,000 shops to an international retail giant with 8,800 stores in 31 countries.

Kussell started out in 1994 as Dunkin’s senior vice president of marketing and purchasing. He became president in 1996.

Dunkin’ is owned by private-equity firms Bain Capital, Carlyle Group and Thomas H. Lee Partners, which together bought the chain in 2005 for $2.43 billion.

Boston Herald