As we get ready to close out the summer months, there are a number of dates approaching where new laws – or changes to existing laws – will become effective that you need to be aware of. We’ve previously advised you that effective September 1, the sexual harassment laws in the state of Texas will be expanded to cover employers with as few as a single employee (currently only applies to 15 or more). COVID waivers in Pennsylvania had been extended until September 30 and are expected to expire again at that point. It is doubtful that the republican-controlled legislature will grant authority to Governor Wolf to extend the waivers beyond that date. October 1 triggers a couple of new requirements in the state of Connecticut. Effective that date, Connecticut employers will be required to disclose to applicants and employees the wage range for vacant positions. Additionally, it expands the prohibition on gender-based pay discrimination to require equal pay for comparable (rather than equal) work. Also, as we previously advised, the requirement that employers provide a lactation room as an accommodation for nursing women becomes effective on October 1. And finally, there are a number of changes to Nevada employment laws that will take effect on the first of October 1, including a new prohibition on asking for the salary history of a job applicant and -like Connecticut – a mandate that the wage range be disclosed to a job applicant. Additionally, private employers must allow employees to utilize their paid or unpaid sick leave to care for an immediate family member, and also effective October 1, private employers must post a notice from the Nevada Department of Employment and Training explaining the job training services and employment programs it offers. Finally, and also effective beginning October 1, places of public accommodation with a single stall restroom must make the restroom as inclusive and accessible as possible to a person of any gender identity or expression.