A 40-year-old woman was arrested and charged with disguising herself as a a Dunkin’ Donuts employee and stealing employee purses.

The woman, Ana Arruda, was arrested Friday and charged with several larceny counts, the Fall River Herald News reported Saturday.

Surveillance video captured the theft, allegedly showing the woman entering Dunkin’ Donuts on Robeson Street shortly after 10 p.m. on Wednesday.

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A clerk at the coffee shop said the woman was wearing a Dunkin’ Donuts uniform. The suspect went behind the counter and then made her way to the employee area, witnesses told police.

When employees approached the woman, she allegedly left the store. Police say the clerk later discovered her purse was missing.

A few hours later, the Dunkin’ Donuts on North Main Street reported a similar incident.

This time, when employees approached the unidentified woman, she told them she was there to pick up coffee beans for another store and that a note should have been left on the manager’s door. When the two employees went to check for the note, the suspect grabbed an employee’s purse and left, police said.

WBZ TV Channel 38 and Fall River Herald News