Another worker protection idea that is being replicated around the country is different state and municipal versions of the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN Act). We told you a few weeks ago about the Maryland mini-WARN taking effect yesterday. Well, there’s plenty of action elsewhere on similar laws. In New Jersey, the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development recently issued final regulations on its COVID-19 Job Protection Act, which protect employees from adverse actions for taking time off as recommended by a medical professional due to an infectious disease or the possibility of one. Further, under the regulations, an employer must reinstate the employee to the same position, pay, level of seniority, etc. once the protected leave ends. Likewise, just about one month ago, the city of San Diego passed 2 separate ordinances (the “Recall Ordinance” and “Retention Ordinance”) that apply to categories of business the San Diego Council believe have been especially impacted by the coronavirus. Although restaurants are not specifically included as yet, it could be a slippery slope to expanded coverage of other industries. The caution here is merely to be aware and involved at the local level to ensure that you and other small business owners are abreast of these political discussions and providing your own valuable input.