As more restaurants and other business establishments re-open in phases under new rules for employee and customer safety, it is imperative that business owners stay aware of their new obligations and fully comprehend the procedures and consequences of actions and/or inactions in your state. In that vein, we would advise you that approximately half of the states (24 as last month) across the country have some sort of mandate relative to screening employees as they come to work – that workers be screened either verbally, visually, or with a temperature screening device. In addition, another 19 plus the District of Columbia had a specific recommendation as to what employers in certain industries should do to screen a worker’s health before their shift or otherwise make a conscious assessment as to an employee’s health. Furthermore, many states and locales require the employer to send a worker home should they appear to be sick or have been exposed to one infected or believed to be infected with coronavirus. And don’t forget that individual communities within your state may also have local mandates of their own on the matter. Again, we found this website particularly helpful with the details relative to employer screenings.