From Liberation News, Dunkin' Donuts workers strike in Chicago, July 19

From Liberation News, Dunkin’ Donuts workers strike in Chicago, July 19

Those who derive some pleasure from disrupting American commerce and business seem to have set their sights recently on the QSR industry. reported last week (along with a number of outlets) that QSR workers in seven different major cities around the country were planning to protest their wages with coordinated employee walkouts this past week.  The work stoppages were planned for New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City, MO, and Flint, Michigan.   It is instructive and strategically astute to take note of these actions and be prepared should they involve one of your shops.  Since I began my tenure with DDIFO last year, my mantra has been that DDIFO must become more politically aware, astute and involved – and that means you, the members, as well.  It requires commitment, dedicated and coordinated political activism to coordinate work stoppages across any degree of geographic landscape.  Here are just some of those agitating the QSR workforce: PSL – Party for Socialism and Liberation; Philly; Restaurant Opportunities Centers United; and New York Communities for Change.  Check out their websites to really get an understanding of the tasks in front of us!