Workers Compensation laws seem to be more in the cross-hairs of some as courts in different states hear challenges to various provisions.  The Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down a provision in state law that allowed for the deferral of temporary total disability payments for those workers who returned to work.  In the four cases brought to the court, administrative law judges had granted disability payments but then deferred them because the injured employees had returned to work.  The court ruled that the deferral meant no compensation for the injury sustained and no compensation for the reduction in future earning capacity, thereby “upending the entire purpose of the workers’ compensation system.”  In Florida, very similar issues will be heard this week by the Florida Supreme Court in a case challenging the elimination of a particular type of partial disability benefit.  The case involves a nurse who suffered a back injury in 2003 for which his doctor assigned a 6% impairment rating and limited him to lifting no more than 10 pounds, a career-ending limit.  He was later found not to qualify for permanent total disability and hence, his claim was denied.  A number of business groups have filed amici briefs in the case.