Yesterday, Starbucks Workers United organized a one-day strike at over 110 unionized stores across 25 states around the country. According to a statement from the union, the strikes were said to be in retaliation for Starbucks’ anti-union activities, their previous efforts to defeat the unionizing efforts, and delays in scheduling bargaining sessions. Company spokespeople have disputed the contention that they are delaying negotiations and pointed to the union trying to record and post negotiations on social media. Recording bargaining sessions is illegal under the National Labor Relations Act. Yesterday’s walk-out was scheduled to coincide with the company’s “Red Cup Day” holiday promotion when the company provides red reusable cups to customers making qualifying purchases. Red Cup Day is also viewed as a major sales driver for the company in the fourth quarter – particularly this year, which is the 25th anniversary of the promotion. In total, some 257 stores have formally voted to unionize and negotiating sessions are reportedly underway or scheduled to begin in over 60 of those locations. No contracts have been agreed to as yet.