Workers at yet another Mesa Arizona Starbucks coffee shop have voted to unionize under the flag of the Starbucks Workers United banner, an affiliate of Service Employees International Union (SEIU). By a vote of 11-3 with one ballot challenged, workers won their eighth union representation vote out of nine tries nationwide. And speaking of unionizing efforts, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry laid out the playbook in interviews she gave last week to Restaurant Business Online and Politico. “We think we’re long past the ‘Great Resignation,’ and that we’re now seeing a great reckoning in the face of corporations that for decades have taken advantage of an economy that has favored them and is rigged against workers,” Henry said. She went on to admit that she sees opportunities for SEIU to make additional inroads in areas like airports and home care, as well as longstanding targets like the fast-food industry. “When you look at a history of how laws have been rewritten, they happen after great disruptions and militancy and strikes by workers.” Ultimately, Henry said, legislation like the PRO Act is needed to cement organized labor’s momentum. Unionizing is not going away, but now you’ve seen the playbook. Forewarned is forearmed!