As a membership-driven organization, DDIFO works diligently on behalf of its members—providing information, advocacy and an independent voice. In 2018, as questions swirl over the future of health insurance, taxes, regulatory policies and the future of Dunkin’ Brands, DDIFO is well-positioned to continue its nearly 30-year mission.

Again this year, National DCP (NDCP) is helping DDIFO collect dues from Dunkin’ franchisee members. NDCP will be sending a series of emails to franchisees advising them how best to pay their DDIFO membership and join their peers in supporting their independent franchisee association. The email will advise that “Members wishing to join DDIFO must authorize NDCP to ACH their account on file for $250 per PC. All PCs linked to your ownership group will be charged and invoiced via ACH in the amount of $250 per PC according to your current PC ACH instructions on file.”

“What it means, is that current members don’t need to take any action to continue receiving the benefits of DDIFO membership,” says Ed Shanahan, executive director of the organization. “Only those who are joining for the first time, or re-joining DDIFO, or current members wishing to opt-out of continuing their membership need to respond to the emails that will come to them from NDCP.”

While many franchisees prefer the electronic form of payment, there are those who like to limit the number of automatic cash transactions they authorize each year. According to Shanahan, those franchisees who want to pay DDIFO directly – and opt out of the ACH payments – can arrange to be billed directly. He also notes the cost of direct billing, versus ACH payments, is the same; there are no additional fees.

In addition to the 2018 notifications coming from NDCP, DDIFO will send emails to members reminding them of the dues collection, explaining the process in detail and reiterating that people who have never authorized an ACH dues payment through NDCP need to click on the DDIFO Enrollment Survey Link included in the emails and fill out the authorization form. Once that’s done, their membership is confirmed and will renew automatically in subsequent years.

“We appreciate the support NDCP provides in the dues collection process,” Shanahan says. “The ACH offers a seamless, direct process for members and for DDIFO. If, however, anyone has questions about dues collection, I invite them to contact me directly at the DDIFO office, or by email,”